Economy tanking means more cab drivers

When economic times are good, Local Frederick Cab companies tend to have a hard time landing conscientious workers.

This applies not only to cab drivers, but effective customer service reps.

Now we're in an economic downturn...

Better qualified employees are available!

When times are good... unfortunately for the taxi industry, most of the people willing to drive cabs (unless they truly enjoy driving, like me for example) are from the 'bottom end of the gene pool'.

Now, with many people finding themselves with too much month at the end of their paychecks... a part time job is looking like a pretty good idea!

OK, so you're looking for a part time job?

How many of those are flexible with your schedule?

How many part time jobs let you get paid at the end of each and every shift you work?

See where I'm going with this?

If, in the past, a Montgomery county cab driver or Frederick county cab driver was:

  • Rude to you

  • Short with you

  • Was a 'smart a**'

  • Your experience of them was, shall we say, somewhat Less than Cheerful Customer Service

  • The Economic downturn could just brighten at least a small part of your day!

    Who wants to deal with a moron when you're trying to get to BWI Airport from Frederick Maryland?

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