Christmas time means DWI time

Don't get caught drinking and driving in Frederick Maryland this year.

Too many people take taxi cabs because they lost their license by getting a DWI.
Just call a Cab!

Which do you want to be out of? $20 for a cab ride or $200 for Driving School, Few hundred more for SR22 insurance... or worse

You don't want to end up riding in Maryland's Trooper Eight:

From an official State of Maryland website:

Drunk Driving Costs Too Much:
  • A first-time DUI or DWI conviction costs $4,000 to $6,000, in attorney fees, towing, bonding, court costs, sentencing fees, and insurance increases.

  • On job applications, you must say "YES" you have been convicted of a crime.

  • Most insurance companies will cancel you, and high-risk companies greatly increase premiums.

  • A DUI or DWI arrest costs you legally, profes sionally and economically – and it cost you or someone else their life.

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