Airport Shuttles or Taxi's: Which Transportation will give me what I'm looking for?

Does the newly unshared Airport Shuttle truly deliver for the cost, out-of-pocket – your pockets!

The truth is that all transportation services like to brag they show up on time, or inhumanly quick after an order is placed. But we know how long we have each of us waited for the taxi, the hotel van, your buddy in the company whose region is in Toledo, you get the picture. Sooner or later, the transportation arrives and usually with little or no interference whatsoever. Both Taxi’s and Shuttle’s claim to be unforgiving when it comes to showing up on time and make saccharin sweet promises to arrive at the desired pickup location on time, or even early!

BWI to Southwest Airlines

If you’re taking a taxi from Frederick to any of the three major airports – you’re telling that cabbie this is going to be a good fare. Of course , he can make it sweeter by helping out with your luggage and packing it neatly into the vehicle. Usually, cabbies will take the time to do this but it’s not always why you think it is: to be nice. Wrong. Cabbies don’t want your luggage scratching and scuffing all over their vehicle. Neither does the Shuttle guy so in most cases, you’ll get the luggage assistance service from both companies.

Riding a taxi alone – or shared – is a privilege and it’s often a choice. Suppose your snuggled into the back seat of your shuttle and when you look out the back window you see the young man who sat with on the plane and walked you to the gates with grace and care. Now he is desperately trying to find a cab to get himself home and no one will allow him in. Why not let the young man ride along, it will split the fee for me and give me someone to talk to!

Don’t forget, those shuttles often charge one large, flat fee from BWI to Frederick or to the

District of Columbia, to the Inner Harbor. The taxi’s don’t leave you guessing, you need only lean over the front seat to have a look at what price you will be paying.

There is often reference made to the “dedicated” shuttle – as if it’s “dedicated” to you and your trip but let me tell you that sometimes that dedication costs in the regions of $300, three hundred dollars for just a safe, friendly ride home for the airport.

Nevermind the loneliness, the inability to split the fare, and possibility of feeling obligated to leave a tip you really can’t afford, doesn’t it make more sense to take a Taxicab?

There’s one on every corner, they all know the routes, and after all, their professional drivers.

Frederick Md to BWI from $65 From Frederick Airport Transportation's Gordon's Transportation

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